Monday Craft Tips #12: Two examples of great prose style to inspire you!

I’ve just finished reading Janet Fitch’s WHITE OLEANDER and have just embarked on Juliet Marillier’s SON OF SHADOWS. Both books are great reads, even though they are very different in tone. But what makes them both so enjoyable is that the prose style is so great.
For example, Janet Fitch uses metaphors and similes to great effect.

“What was the best day of your life?” she asked me one afternoon as we lay on the free-form couch, her head on one armrest, mine on the other. Judy Garland sang on the stereo, “My Funny Valentine.”
“Today,” I said.
“No.” She laughed, throwing her napkin at me. “From before.”
I tried to remember, but it was like looking for buried coins in the sand. I kept turning things over, cutting myself on rusty cans, broken beer bottles hidden there, but eventually I found an old coin, brushed it off. I could read the date, the country of origin.
It was when we were living in Amsterdam.”

And Juliet Marillier uses words to evoke a long-ago past where people lived closer to the ghosts of their ancestors.

“That spring we had visitors. Here in the heart of the great forest, the old ways were strong despite the communities of men and women that now spread over our land, their Christian crosses stark symbols of a new faith. From time to time, travelers would bring across the sea tales of great ills done to folk who dared keep the old traditions. There were cruel penalties, even death, for those who left an offering maybe, for the harvest gods or thought to weave a simple spell for good fortune or use a potion to bring back a faithless sweetheart. The druids were all slain or banished over there.”

I hope that reading these authors will inspire all of us to write more poetically!

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