Friday’s Internet Goodies: The Canary Review

InternetGoodiesThe Canary Review is not just a review blog. The people who run it also provide editing services for a fee. They also provide craft tips on Fridays in their “Pitch Slap” series. So what you get with this site is a more professional take on the books they read, if that is what you are looking for.

The tagline to the site is: “We read it so you might not have to”, thus this is NOT a book promotion site. On the other hand, the reviewers do accept submissions from Indie authors as well as those publishing books via legacy publishers.

canarylogo21The Canary Review is most interested in receiving books that are YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, or Romance. They are no longer accepting Literary Fiction or Nonfiction.

To find their site, point your browser to:

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