Friday’s Internet Goodies: Flying Off The Shelves

InternetGoodiesBeth Negri is a 25-year-old woman who has loved reading books all her life. Here is how she describes herself:

This all started with my Mom, you see she is an avid reader who strongly values education. When I was a baby she would always read to me, even when I was in her womb. When I grew old enough and wanted to read when she wasn’t around she taught me how, even though this was a while before I started school. She taught me the love of reading and learning which is truly the best gift she ever gave me.
So, because of her here we are. I have started writing book reviews. I write book reviews because it gives you time to reflect on what you have read and in a way extends your time with the book. I feel that if it is a good book at the end of the book you are a little sad its over because you just love the characters and learning about them. Books, when written well, can be just the friend you are looking for because they give us a little escapism (into a new world) and a new understanding of life (through the characters trials).

FlyingOffTheShelvesFlying Off The Shelves has a rating system for books. Like most others, it is a 5-point system, meaning that a review that receives three stars or above has a positive review, while those that receive one or two stars have a negative review. Unlike most blog reviews, Ms. Negri is willing to consider a second opinion review for those authors who received low reviews.

Beth Negri will read most everything, EXCEPT the following: Children’s Books (Young Adult {16+} still accepted), Muslim fiction/non-fiction, Christian fiction/non-fiction, New Age, Self-help, Hate-Speech Books, Audiobooks. To find her site, point your browser to:

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