THE NIGHT DANCE by Suzanne Weyn

THE NIGHT DANCE by Suzanne Weyn is perhaps the most interesting re-telling of the TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES fairy tale. Ms Weyn blends part of the Arthurian legend of the Lady of the Lake with the story in surprising and interesting ways. What a concept!

What a disappointment! The ending seemed rushed and the quality of the writing was far below the beginning of the novel, mainly because it sounded jarringly modern. I quote:

At the end of the wedding party, Sir Ethan announced that he would be leaving with Vivienne, though they most certainly would be in touch. Any of the girls who wanted to come with them and study mystical ways were welcome…Gwendolyn, Helewise, Chloe, Isolde and Mathilde thought life on Avalon sounded exciting, though.
“Could Ione, Brianna, Bronwyn, Cecily and I stay here at the manor?” asked Ashlynn…we’d like to turn the place into an inn.”
There was a murmur of approval as this seemed like it would be a fun enterprise.

If only Ms. Weyn had taken the time to polish the prose. Three stars.

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