ENTWINED by Heather Dixon

ENTWINED is author Heather Dixon’s retelling of the twelve dancing princesses set in a castle in the recent past, perhaps in the seventeenth century, perhaps in the nineteenth. There were several wonderful touches about this book. It was great that the princesses were named alphabetically after flowers, since that was the only way to keep track of so many characters. It was also great that there was so much talk about dancing, since the main quality of these princesses is that they dance! As someone who loves to dance myself, I enjoyed all the talk of dancing.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to care for this book, because it isn’t really my type of things being a bit too girly and superficial in places. To my surprise, the author kept me engrossed in her tale, which had some dark underlay to it to balance out all the froth. If you or a young lady that you know enjoys reading something that is a blend of historical fiction, fantasy, faery and fairy tale, this is the perfect book. Four stars.

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