August Buzz


The July Buzz was so successful I’ve decided to extend it, and change some things. THWARTED QUEEN will still be offered at $2.99, a more than 70% discount from its original price of $9.99. But I have decided to discontinue the e-series THE BRIDE PRICE, ONE SEED SOWN, THE GILDED CAGE and TWO MURDERS REAPED. The reason? Because I think I am confusing my readers about my novel. And I would also like everyone to try and read Cecylee’s life in its entirety.

As before, my 3-volume THWARTED QUEEN series ROSE OF RABY, THE GILDED CAGE and TWO MURDERS REAPED will be offered at $9.99 each. Sorry, everyone, but paperbacks are expensive to produce!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave in the comment box. Have a wonderful week!




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