Monday Tips: Take a break in the middle of the day

My tip for this month is to take a break in the middle of the day.

Lunchtime is the perfect excuse to get away from your desk. If you work in an office, use it as an excuse to get to know your co-workers by inviting them out to lunch. If you work by yourself, use lunchtime as an excuse to do something else.

I like to bake, so I’ll often use that time to cook. When everything is in the oven, I sit down and have a quick bite. Whatever you do DON’T eat lunch at your desk. Yes, it’s very tempting to do so. But here’s one thing to consider. The brain gets tired after doing the same old thing over and over. It needs a break. Forcing yourself to take that hour break will mean that you return to your desk refreshed and ready to get on with your afternoon.

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