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Monday Tips: Tidbits from the Internet

Here are a couple of sites that I’ve found useful recently:

  1. K. M. Wieland is an historical novelist who lives in Wyoming and mentors other writers via workshops and her blog Wordplay, which won the 2011-2012 Top Ten Blogs for Writers. Her Most Common Mistake series is funny and informative.
  2. A. J. Humpage has been writing fiction for 22 years. Her blog All Write – Fiction Advice won the Stylish Blogger Award and is full of tips on how to polish your prose, how to do flashbacks properly and the art of foreshadowing.

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Tidbits from the Internet: Two websites to watch

Here are a couple of things that might interest you:

I just came upon this recently. Nic Oliver is a writing coach who originally helped non-native speakers of english write better. But his site is attracting anyone who needs help. As writers and publishers we often come across people whose writing needs a great deal of TLC. Nic will perform a writing analysis of a 5,000-word sample for an undisclosed amount of money! I don’t know him personally, and I haven’t tried his services. But the writing advice he gives on his website http://greatwritingtips.com/articles/ sounds sensible. So it might be worth giving him a try. Provided of course that his services don’t break the bank! (On that note, it’s worth mentioning that many people are open to payment plans if you can’t afford to pay the whole amount up front. It’s always worth asking if they’ll do that).

While I can only give a guarded recommendation for Nic Oliver’s site, I can give a wholehearted endorsement of Jane Friedman’s site. I got to know Jane last year when she was giving webinars for Writer’s Digest on the subject of building a platform to market self-published books. Jane’s advice is sensible, and she is a friendly and engaging person who enjoys interacting with her readers. If you want to know what is currently going on in the publishing world, and pick up some tips for marketing your novel, head over to Jane’s site janefriedman.com. Enjoy! And have a great week.

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Jane Friedman’s blog THERE ARE NO RULES

This Friday, I’m going to try something different. I’m going to start a series of Friday posts that will highlight a blog or website that I think is particularly interesting.

Today, I’m going to talk about THERE ARE NO RULES, a blog owned and operated by Jane Friedman. Jane is the former publisher and editorial director of Writer’s Digest. She is currently visiting professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati and contributing editor to Writer’s Digest. Jane is very generous in passing on information via free webinars and blog posts, and I have learned a great deal from her on the changing nature of the publishing industry.

On Wednesday, Jane posted a blog from guest blogger John Rember, who wrote on the relationship between authors, agents and publishers.  Here is an excerpt from his blog:

But my troubles with my agent were never her fault. They were inherent to the relationship between agents and writers, which is a predator-prey kind of deal. Agents are not hoping to find, in you the writer, a diamond in the rough, a talent to be nurtured, a friend to be encouraged. They’re looking for the next John Grisham and they’re looking for 15% of a multi-million dollar advance. They are cold and hard businesspeople—if they aren’t, they end up living under bridges, and not the bridges in the Hamptons—so your talent or niceness is not their first consideration.

Many writers assume that with the big houses, a few bestsellers subsidize midlist writers. That’s the way it used to work. Now the CFOs of publishing houses demand that every book be a money-maker. In practice, this means editors are told to look for the next bestseller, and they, not being psychic, think that it looks like the last bestseller. Hence John Grisham, James Patterson, Dan Brown, and the dead Swedish guy.

To read more, click here.

To read Jane Friedman’s blog, THERE ARE NO RULES, click here.

–Cynthia Haggard writes novels.  She is currently seeking representation for HE MUST BE SOMEONE,  a novel about identity, forbidden love and family secrets. For more on her creative writing, go to spunstories. (c) 2011. All rights reserved.


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