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A Post on Freado about Lady Cecylee:


CastleRabyCecyleeSigI thought you might be interested in this interview I did for FREADO about my series THWARTED QUEEN:




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I have been aware for some time that some members of my audience have been a bit confused about THWARTED QUEEN. They’ve had a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that THWARTED QUEEN was the ENTIRE saga of the Yorks, Lancasters and Nevilles whose family feud started the Wars of the Roses. The reason why I decided to have both the entire saga AND the four parts that make up that saga (THE BRIDE PRICE, ONE SEED SOWN, THE GILDED CAGE and TWO MURDERS REAPED) is because I was taking a leaf from the page of J A Konrath, who advised authors to do that as a way of giving readers a choice.

I realize now that this was a mistake, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my readers for making things so confusing. I was a newbie author, and a newbie marketer and it just didn’t occur to me that this way of doing things would cause problems.

So, I have re-marketed THWARTED QUEEN to make it less confusing. It is now available as a series of four e-books:

RoseRabyVol1Volume 1 retitled ROSE OF RABY (formerly called THE BRIDE PRICE) is about Cecylee’s girlhood.

Volume 2 titled ONE SEED SOWN is about Cecylee’s affair of the heart with the handsome archer on the Rouen garrison.OneSeedVol2

Volume 3 retitled THWARTED QUEEN (formerly called THE GILDED CAGE) is about Richard of York’s political career, and how Cecylee nearly became queen of England three times.ThwartedGeBAVol3

Volume 4 titled TWO MURDERS REAPED is about Cecylee’s life after Richard of York’s death, her relationship with her son Richard III, and what happened to those two boys in the Tower. TwoMurdersHofVol4

I have created new covers with Create Space to make my work look more beautiful.

If you are one of those people who have already bought my books, you need do nothing. This is just a relabeling and remarketing to make things easier for future buyers. If you have downloaded anything you don’t want, please get a refund from Amazon.

To my new readers, I hope you will find this easier to understand. And thank you, everyone, for supporting Lady Cecylee!

PLEASE NOTE: The Goodreads page is ALL WRONG! Unfortunately, as I am NOT a “super-librarian” (whatever that means) I DON’T have the power to fix it. Sorry!




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New Years Greetings and thanks to the 23 THOUSAND people who bought Lady Cecylee’s memoirs in 2013!


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