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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Paper Mustang

No, it’s not a Mustangcar, but a website dedicated to Indie authors, which is why I’ve included it in my “internet goodies” category.

Sue Owen, Sharon Nelson and possible other reviewers aim to help Indie authors reach their audiences.

I love these sites. As an Indie author myself, I know how hard it is to reach my audience. People like Sue and Sharon provide an invaluable service to the writing community.

In addition to their prolific book reviewing, Sue and Sharon have awards for authors who do more than merely just write a novel. These people do more for human goodness than just writing and pumping out books. And so Sue and Sharon came up with their “Head to Hoof” awards, which celebrate such people, who are given a special spot on the website.

To find this charming and quirky website, please point your browser to www.papermustang.com.

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