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My first Press Release: Don’t you want to know how the family feud between the Nevilles, Lancasters & Yorks led to war?

People love reading about family feuds. Especially at Christmas time. And Cecylee Neville’s extended family was something special. Not only do you have the usual dysfunctional dynamics going on, but these people were feuding over the throne of England. Don’t you want to know how the family feud between the Nevilles, the Lancasters and the Yorks started the Wars of the Roses? Of course you do.

But this novel is not just about rich and powerful aristocratic families. Author Cynthia Sally Haggard has shown how their power struggle affected the lives of the ordinary people of England.  The Londoners were famous for being recalcitrant, and in a situation where the King of England was unable to govern (he suffers from bouts of madness), the Londoners would step into the power vacuum. Why? Because the London merchants were the richest people on earth. So much so that when they finally got sick of the King, they raised eighteen thousand pounds to pay the Earl of Warwick to invade England. That was no small fortune in 1460.

Thwarted Queen encompasses many issues that are relevant today, such as rich people not paying taxes, the tragedy of child abuse and the mistreatment of women. But it is also about the triumph of the human spirit. It shows how the married women, who had no legal rights, nevertheless did not behave like doormats. Many of the most powerful personalities of the time were women. Including Lady Cecylee Neville, Duchess of York, the voice of Thwarted Queen.

Thwarted Queen is available as an e-book, as a 4-volume set of e-books and as a 3-volume set in paperback on Amazon and other outlets, or by contacting author Cynthia Haggard at cynthia@spunstories.com. Find out more about the author, Cynthia Sally Haggard and her muse Lady Cecylee Neville on www.spunstories.com. You may also follow her ladyship on Facebook (Lady Cecylee Neville) or Goodreads (Lady Cecylee’s Reading Circle).

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