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Why not give yourself a special treat this Valentine’s Day?

(Time for some shameless self-promotion:)

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Why not give yourself a special treat and immerse yourself in an era where high fashion meant pointed headdresses with fluttering silk veils, where gentlemen greeted ladies with a courtly flourish, and where everything was handmade and homemade?

It is the summer of 1441. Cecylee is twenty-six years old and has been married to Richard, Duke of York for four years. Richard has just assumed the role of Governor of Normandy, and he, Cecylee, and their entire household have crossed the channel to take up residence in Rouen, the capital of English France.

During that summer, Richard sets off for Pontoise to teach the French a lesson. Cecylee is left to hold court in the castle of Rouen with the wives of Richard’s generals. Nicknamed The Rose of Raby on account of her beauty, Cecylee’s life laps placidly onward during those sleepy days of high summer, when suddenly, a mysterious young man appears. She soon loses her heart to this charming stranger.

Cecylee’s private name for him is M. Beaujambs, because of his long, and very shapely legs, but history knows him as Blaybourne. Who is he? Is he an aristocrat of the House of Savoy? Or the son of a humble blacksmith? And if the latter, where did he get his exquisite manners? And his university education? And what is he doing in Rouen? By turns baffled and enchanted, Cecylee finds herself confronted by an intriguing challenge.

What happens when Cecylee’s husband discovers she’s had a love-affair with an archer? Does he lock her up? Or worse?

Give yourself a treat and find out by clicking here.

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