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Today, I am just going to talk about one blog, LIVING THE HISTORY. The reason for this is because this website is so rich, I got completely carried away and spent an hour or so exploring, before I realized that I’d lost an afternoon, and still had this blog post to write!


LIVING THE HISTORY is Elizabeth Chadwick’s blog about all things medieval. As many of you know, Elizabeth Chadwick is the award-winning novelist of such books as LADY OF THE ENGLISH, about Queen Adeliza, the second wife of Henry I, and her stepdaughter, the Empress Maud, TO DEFY A KING, about the wife of Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, who defies King John the Bad to save her family, and FOR THE KING’S FAVOR, about a royal mistress and the young lord she chooses to marry.


I don’t know how many novels Elizabeth Chadwick has written, but she is a wonderful writer. Her research is meticulous, and her novels are well-written page-turners that take you into corners of medieval history that are not well-known. As you can imagine, this blog is fascinating, as she talks about fascinating facts, objects and characters that she has unearthed over the years.



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