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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Clover Hill Book Reviews

InternetGoodiesMichelle is a Mom, or more specifically a Mum, with two boys who sometimes help her reviews books. Yes, you got it, she resides in the UK. Here is how she describes herself and her review policy:

Due to time restraints, I do not accept requests from vanity presses or self published authors. I welcome receiving books to reviewfrom publishers and mainstream authors only.

I am happy to receive books in ARC format, galleys, or as finished copies.

On receipt of a title for review, it will be placed in my reading mountain. pile. Please let me know if you have a review time line, and I will do my best to accommodate you, otherwise I reserve the right to review sent books when I’m able and without a deadline.

CloverHillBooksI enjoy reading a mixed bag of books.  I love reading young adult titles, paranormal, crime novels, mysteries, thrillers, romances, fantasy, coming of age novels, and anything in between.  I’m also happy to read non fiction titles.  My children, Shaun and Harry are also happy to review childrens books and suitable titles. (Shaun loves Enid Blyton, spy books, living education titles and comics, Harry doesn’t read himself yet, so any parent led and easy reader books are fine).

We are a hands on family with education, and also blog about some of the resources we use, including books elsewhere.  I also review on ReallyKidFriendly.com

I welcome taking part in blog tours, author interviews and hosting giveaways. Time permitting I may share my review using Facebook (Networked Blogs), Amazon UK, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari and LibraryThing.  All posts are auto-sent to Twitter.

My reviews will be fair and honest.  If there’s something I don’t like about a book I will give those reasons, as well as the positives.  I won’t foul mouth a book because it wasn’t for me.

To find Michelle’s site, point your browser towards (NOT toward): http://cloverhillbookreviews.blogspot.com/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Brazilian Bookworm

InternetGoodiesMay Arend lives in Brazil and wants to help any author or publisher by reviewing a book. She doesn’t say much about herself, but one can infer that she must be fluent in both English and Portuguese. Here is her review policy:

As of August 2012 I have officially changed my Review Policy.

– I do review e-books now. However, I am much more picky with them. With paper books I will read almost any sort of book, almost any genre (save the ones listed further down), but with E-books I will only pick what really makes me think “OMG I NEED TO READ THAT” since it takes me much longer to read on my cellphone.

– For that reason, I am shutting down the Unread Interview Project.

– I have no issues with indie authors. I prefer, if I can, to read your work on paper, but if you are a digital-only author, I can work with that too, if you are really good.

brazil_riodejaneiro_travel_review all genres of fiction (except for the very small list on the next item) that I can get my hands on, but my favorites are fantasy (high fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, everything), sci fi andhistorical fiction (anything based on history is awesome). My least favorites are drama and non-fiction. I do review those aswell,  but there might be a higher chance of a “loving” review if it is the first ones. I am a bookworm, though, and am willing to try every genre presented to me. For e-books, I will only accept the ones on my “love” genres or things that are related to those genres.

 I do NOT read Self help or highly religious books (christian fiction). I do NOT read non-fiction.Books that talk about religions, discuss it or try to make a small religious moral by the end are ok, but a book that is Christian-religion-centric is not – there must be a plot, characters and all well developed that is NOT centered around religion. For some idea of what is ok, read my review of The Job. That one was good. Also, other religions are usually ok, I am very interested in studying other religions.

– It may take up to a month for me to answer your review request. I know, too long. I swear it isn’t that I am ignoring you, everyone has to wait, I just don’t have as much time as I used to, to reply and all, so I just answer them all at once. I try to concentrate my time on blogging (and not even THAT is working as it should).

 I live in
. So if you are sending a book here, it will, most likely, take a month to get here. I read review books as soon as they get here, but when I receive more than one, they get read by “first come first serve” so yes, it may take a while for me to read them and then some to review, but it WILL be done. It will not be forgotten. That’s something I made myself promise me when I started blogging.

To find her site, point your browser at: http://brazilianbookworm.blogspot.com.br/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: To Read Or Not To Read – That’s a silly question!

InternetGoodiesTo Read Or Not To Read is a book review blog run by Marcie, Steve and Nancy. Marcie started the site in 2010 as a way of sharing my love of reading. Here is what she says about herself:

I’m also a coffee addict. I’m married and a mother of two. My favorite T.V. series are The Vampire Diaries and Downton Abbey. Some of my other hobbies include knitting and sewing. I love history and am a proud geek.
Read more at http://www.2readornot2read.com/p/about-me.html#Ozce2Y53yO0jw1F3.99

Steve describes himself as “a big old nerd.” Here is what he says about himself:

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid. We even drew pictures of what our characters looked like. Even today I love role playing games on my xbox 360. I try to read books across many genres but I always go back to sci-fi and fantasy. I guess about the only books I would absolutely turn down are period period pieces, romance and anything with sparkly vampires.
Read more at http://www.2readornot2read.com/p/about-me.html#Ozce2Y53yO0jw1F3.99

Nancy describes herself in this way:

I am a day dreaming, adventure seeking book junkie for hire. My rates are cheap. I like space travel, gum shoe detectives, epic and cowboy movies. The same goes for the books I read. I have to include fantasy to fairy folk and middle earth to futuristic. English mysteries, historical fiction and a touch of Jane Austin.
I love my family get togethers, good cooking and fellowships at church and with friends. My little kids are four legged and furry and are spoiled rotten. My husband is a truck driver, which leaves me plenty of time to read. He is spoiled too
Read more at http://www.2readornot2read.com/p/about-me.html#Ozce2Y53yO0jw1F3.99

2readornot2readTo Read Or Not To Read has a policy about the content on its site. Here it is:

To Read or Not To Read will accept books for review, author interviews, author guest posts and contest/giveaways in the following genres: fantasy, romance, YA, Gothic, supernatural, classic, historical fiction, sci-fi, PNR, steampunk, and some biographies.  I usually pick books based on my interest.
Read more at http://www.2readornot2read.com/p/for-authors.html#ktctkYLD2Wm6BRI8.99

To find this site, point your browser towards: http://www.2readornot2read.com/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Ashley’s Bookshelf

InternetGoodiesAshley Wintters is not a professional book reviewer, as she is the first to admit on her Home Page:

This is my little place in cyberspace, I love to read and write, so here I write about what I read. I’m not a professional, just blog about what I am reading at the moment!

However, she provides a valuable service to the writing community by sharing her thoughts about the books she’s read, and also hosting author interviews on her site. To be considered for an interview, you just have to click on “Author Interviews” in the sidebar, answer her questions, and email them in.

AshleysBookshelfAshley is interested in reading many different kinds of genres. This is what she says:

Mainly I read Christian Fiction, but I do enjoy pretty much any type of book except horror and erotica.

Her interests include: children’s books, fantasy, historical romance, mystery, paranormal, suspense, thriller, urban fantasy, western and young adult.

To find her site, point your browser to: http://ashleysbookshelf.blogspot.com/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Dark-Readers

InternetGoodiesDark-Readers is a review blog written by three women, Casey, Andrea, Hayley. At least one of them lives in my hometown of London, England. (Had to give a plug).

Dark-Readers does giveaways and will make videos for the books they are promoting. Details about these videos can be found on the Navbar by clicking on “The Bitter Productions.” Some of these have won awards. Something to think about if you have a book to promote.

Dark_ReaderThe Dark Garden Girls (as they call themselves) read novels that fall into the genres of young adult, teen, romance, supernatural/paranormal, fantasy, adventure, mystery or thriller.

To find this site, point your browser to: http://www.dark-readers.com/.

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Websites for workshopping your manuscripts

It is so hard to get quality feedback these days. Editors and agents are too busy to give it to you, and so you are forced to rely on the good nature of friends or relatives, or the people you happen to run into when attending a writing group.

My experience with writing groups has been mixed. In the beginning, when i was a brand-new writer, I found them enormously helpful, because I had so much to learn. Now that I have 2 novel-length MSS under my belt, I find them less helpful, because most of the people who show up are typically beginners with an incomplete first draft that needs some TLC. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you are a more advanced writer, you need more help than that kind of person is typically able to give you.

I’ve written before about joining book clubs, and how helpful that can be. I now want to mention a couple of sites that are designed to help writers workshop MSS.

The first one is Critters, which is for “serious writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror” to quote their website. To read more, click here.

The second one is Historical-Fiction-Writers-Critique-Group, which is a Yahoo! group. To belong to this group, you have to be extremely dedicated, because you are required to critique 3 MSS a month. This is a group I would love to belong to, but don’t because I can’t make this commitment. However, if you are in a position to do this, and you have a completed MSS that is ready for feedback that is a historical, you should definitely check it out. Click here to find out more.

Image: WordPress.com

–Cynthia Haggard writes novels.  She is currently seeking representation for HE MUST BE SOMEONE,  a novel about identity, forbidden love and family secrets. For more on her creative writing, go to spunstories. (c) 2011. All rights reserved.

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