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Monday Tips: How to Market Your Book

Last month, I told you  that I decided to confine myself to running Facebook ads and doing more videos to publicize my campaign.

This month, I’ve reversed myself. Why? Because the numbers aren’t working for me. As of today, only 22 people have seen my video on YouTube. And the numbers for my last Facebook Ad campaign weren’t that great: For an ad that targeted over 20 million users, I only got 79 clicks. When I looked at the traffic on my website, I saw that it had dropped off when I stopped the Google Adwords campaign. So I re-started my campaign. In the last 14 days, I’ve received 17 clicks. Obviously, I’m going to have to carve out some time to make my ad campaign more successful!

Then I read a couple of articles about Goodreads, and how helpful that had been for getting a book known. At the beginning of March, I started Goodreads Giveaways, and hands down that has been the best investment of time I’ve spent. For about $6 (the price that it costs me to mail the book across the US or Canada), I’ve gotten about 520 people interested in participating in each giveaway (I’ve run three so far), and of those people, on average 70 people have put the book into their to-read list! Stay tuned for updates.

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Monday Tips: Strategic Marketing

“Strategic marketing” is a phrase I’ve come upon lately. Basically, it means giving yourself a plan or roadmap of how to go about marketing.

I am always making plans. It comes to me naturally. But I still don’t think I’m a good marketer. For example, I only found out through glancing at my credit card statement that I’d had a campaign running on Google Adwords during the whole of January that cost me $94. Oops. Totally forgot about that one. And I wasn’t happy that Google Adwords hadn’t actually given me any alerts or reminders about it. So I cancelled that campaign.

I’ve decided to restrict myself to running a Facebook ad campaign once a month, and doing more videos to publicize my work.

I experimented with Twitter recently, by actually diving into one person’s conversation and chiming in as opposed to just finding people to follow. The result? I was offered an interview on that person’s website!

Stay tuned for more marketing tips and have a great week!

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