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To all those procrastinators out there:

It is 10:29 AM PST as I sit down to write this. Which makes it 1:29 PM EST and 6:29 PM (or 18:29 if you prefer). You have FIVE AND A HALF hours if you live in England, TEN AND A HALF hours is if you live on the East Coast and THIRTEEN AND A HALF hours if you live on the West Coast.

Time to get cracking on getting that all-important-present for your nearest & dearest. If you’re looking for a historical novel that combines a family feud with a love-affair that puts the legitimacy of the current Queen of England into doubt, written by a complete unknown, look no further than THWARTED QUEEN!

Please go to the Navbar, click on “Books” and then click on “Thwarted”.  Or look to the right and click on an image under “Titles Available”.

Or go to my Amazon author page.

If you like reading about Lady Cecylee, please say so on Amazon! Her ladyship will be delighted.

Happy Holidays to Everyone, and my best wishes for a safe, happy & healthy New Year!

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I do a photo-shoot

After getting that feedback from an agent, I decided to celebrate by doing a photo-shoot of Cecylee to make my novel seem more real. The plan was to shoot some photos that I would like to see as the book cover for ONE SEED SOWN, TWO MURDERS REAPED.

I found Heather Hayes, a talented model who doesn’t just stand there with a blank stare. This lady has control over the expressions on her face. I thought she would be perfect for Cecylee. She found a friend, Whitney Arostegui, a photographer in New York. I found a gown and a wig, and we set off one glorious fall day to photograph in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.

I was thrilled with the images I received a week later. My goal is to make the cover of the novel look so sumptuous that people will want to pick it up. I hope you agree.

Next: I register for the Unicorn Writers Conference

–Cynthia Haggard writes novels.  She is currently seeking representation for ONE SEED SOWN, TWO MURDERS REAPED, the Richard III story told from the point of view of his mother. For more on her creative writing, go to spunstories. (c) 2011. All rights reserved.

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