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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Books Like Breathing

InternetGoodiesGrace is  25 years old and lives in NYC. She has a Bachelor’s in History and Women and Gender Studies from Pace University and a Master’s in Information and Library Science from Pratt Institute. She describes herself as a “fairly voracious” reader, and hopes eventually to find a job in the publishing industry as an editor or a publicist. Here is the rest of what she has to say about herself:

Most of my “fun” classes in undergrad were English Literature classes. I will read just about anything but I lean more towards romance (all forms…regencies, contemporary, highlander, paranormal, anything…) and YA. I tend to avoid science fiction and mysteries unless it is a very unique book or of particular interest to me. My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen. Her books are my salvation. I read them over and over again. I also love Jane Austen sequels. I have over 100 in my bookshelves and they will all be reviewed here eventually.

Grace accepts  review requests of both print and e-books:

I do accept a very limited number of self-published titles mainly of the romance persuasion. Preference is always given to books in my preferred genres. as well as to authors and publishers I love and have worked with before.
BooksLikeBreathingGrace’s preferred genres are: Romance, especially
  • Historical (esp. Regencies, Highlander, Victorian, Irish, Pirate…anything really)
  • Contemporary
  • Western
  • Paranormal
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Steampunk-Just read my first one and…so good.
  • I have a particular love for romances with particularly bad rakes and rogues. The badder the better.

She also likes:

  • Young Adult (mainly paranormal romance)
  • Historical Fiction (limited)
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Horror(limited)
  • Memoirs/Biography (limited)
  • Chick Lit
  • Cookbooks especially about desserts—I am a baker and will bake and review a recipe from the book with photos.

Grace doesn’t accept:

  • Science fiction
  • Self-help
  • Any type of religious or political book
  • Mysteries or Thrillers
  • Straight fantasy
  • anything “mob” related. It’s just not my schtick and quite frankly, as an Italian-American, I find most of it offensive.

BooksLikeBreathingThe most striking thing about her very detailed policy on books she reviews came in the form of a special note about self-published and Indie authors. Here is what she says:

Note about Self-Published and Indie Authors– I used to review these books as often as traditionally published books but now, given the rather hostile climate, I will accept a very VERY limited amount of self-published books for review because I am not ready to close that door completely…yet. I will accept books within my genres of preference only–there are no exceptions to this. I will also be more cautious about the authors I do accept. The books I currently have will be reviewed. I am just not willing to take the risk of being attacked if I don’t like a book or don’t get to it quick enough. This is a hobby and it should be a fun one but some authors seem to forget that.

It’s too bad that some self-published and indie authors have soiled the nest for the rest of us who are struggling to promote our own books. People who write books should always remember that their work is for public consumption, and be prepared for a certain number of people who are just not going to like what we write. That is life. We all have to accept it, be polite about it, and move on.
To find Grace’s site, point your browser to: http://bookslikebreathing.blogspot.co.uk/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: BookedInChico

InternetGoodiesErica Spangler is an English MA Graduate, an SEO Marketing Analyst, a Book Lover, and a Coffee Connoisseur. So her rating system on her book review blog BookedInChico is in terms of shots of espresso. Here it is:


I am obsessed with coffee! What goes better with books than coffee? Nothing. So here’s my coffee scale rated in shots of espresso.

5 shots – The Coffee Shakes: Everyone should read this!
BookedInChico4 shots – The Red Eye: Compelling but needs one more shot of something…
3 shots – Coffee Buzz: Enjoyed overall; very specific to its Genre
2 shots – Two Cups of Tea: Disappointed me and my original expectations
1 shot – It Must be Monday…: Not enough coffee to get me through
To find this site, point your browser towards http://bookedinchico.blogspot.com/


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Friday’s Internet Goodies: The Book Hookup

InternetGoodiesThe Book Hookup is a blog written by a group of five women spread over North America. Amy, Ana, Celeste, Christina and Jag are all passionate readers, and so they read and review books. Here is what they have to say:

What really compelled us to start the Book Hookup is the recent rush of amazing indie books that seem like undiscovered gems just waiting to be shared. Our mission is to bring focus to writers that might otherwise be overlooked. We hope our reviews will expose you to books that don’t bear a power-house publishers name but whole heartily deserve the same admiration.

TheBookHookupThe Book Hookup has a professional, yet friendly feel. It hosts blog hops and giveaways. It has a rating system for the books it reviews. These reviewers have wide-ranging interests in the books they want to read, which includes paranormal,
urban fantasy, dark fantasy, romance, contemporary fiction, historical romance, young adult, and new adult.

They are NOT interested in nonfiction, science fiction, erotica, autobiographies/biographies/memoirs, or titles with religious undertones.

To find this site, point your browser towards http://thebookhookup.com/.

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Paper Mustang

No, it’s not a Mustangcar, but a website dedicated to Indie authors, which is why I’ve included it in my “internet goodies” category.

Sue Owen, Sharon Nelson and possible other reviewers aim to help Indie authors reach their audiences.

I love these sites. As an Indie author myself, I know how hard it is to reach my audience. People like Sue and Sharon provide an invaluable service to the writing community.

In addition to their prolific book reviewing, Sue and Sharon have awards for authors who do more than merely just write a novel. These people do more for human goodness than just writing and pumping out books. And so Sue and Sharon came up with their “Head to Hoof” awards, which celebrate such people, who are given a special spot on the website.

To find this charming and quirky website, please point your browser to www.papermustang.com.

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