Wednesday Reviews: ALTERED (CREWEL WORLD)

AlteredIn this second volume, Adelice Lewys and her friends Erick and Jost find themselves on the strange Planet Earth (where they’ve never been before). Adelice discovers who her real father is, but the mother she loved so much in Arras is beyond repair, a mere “remnant”.

ALTERED becomes a Quest Story, this time to find the Whorl in a race against time as Cormac Patton, the powerful figure from Arras (who wanted to trap Adelice into marrying him in Volume One), sends his “people” to find her. As this novel takes us away from the stunning details of Arras world, and from Adelice’s incredible talent with weaving, the writing becomes less compelling. Despite this, Gennifer Albin manages to write a page-turner that will make readers want to know what happens next. Four stars. 

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