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THWARTED QUEEN is Under the Spotlight on AuthorsAnon!


Did you know that my latest interview about Cecylee is up on AuthorsAnon? Please click here to find.

AuthorsAnon is one of those great websites where authors and readers meet. It also has a list of agents, editors and publishers who are interested in first novels. So dust off that manuscript now!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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Monday Tips: Promote your novel by entering competitions

As part of my marketing strategy, I sent THWARTED to every prize I could think of once it was published. My source for prizes were Poets & Writer’s database of contests (and grants) and a newsletter put out by C. Hope Clark called Funds for Writers.

On the one occasion when I surfed the internet to find a contest, boy did I get a nasty surprise. I signed up for International Book Awards, paying $69 via Paypal. Then I tried to send my work. Over the course of the next week, I tried around 5 different email addresses. I discovered that the company who’d taken my money was called JPX media with an address in LA. Naturally, they didn’t have a phone number. After initiating a dispute with Paypal, I got my money back. But I never did receive an explanation or apology.

This is another way of saying that C. Hope Clark’s newsletter and Poet & Writer’s database are solid gold. I’ve never had a problem with them, and I don’t think you would too.



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Monday Tips: Do a blog tour to promote your book

Many people have asked me recently what a blog tour is. So I thought I would talk about it in this post. A blog tour is the modern, 21st-century, virtual way of doing a book tour. In a book tour, an author would go from bookshop to bookshop signing copies of her book. Publishers still do this for authors these days, although I have heard many complaints that they are a waste of time due to the small number of people who typically show up for a book signing.

A blog tour is where an author promotes her book online by means of “visiting” a number of blogs during a given time period. This means answering questions about the novel, the novel’s characters and sharing about one’s writing life. In May of this year, I signed up for a blog tour with Pump Up Your Books, hosted by Rebecca Camarena. The tour ran from May 1-25, and I got onto 20 blogs. It was quite a bit of work answering the blogger’s questions, but so much fun! I loved sharing insights about my novel and talking about Cecylee and her friends. My tour schedule is given below:


Cynthia Haggard, Thwarted Queen Book Tour, May 2012

Tour Page

Reviewers Page

Group Video Link


May 1

Paperback Writer – Character Birthday Party and Giveaway

May 2

As the Pages Turn – Interview

May 3

Pump Up Your book – Interview

May 4

Bluebell Books – Guest Post


Second Week

May 7

Blog-A-Press – Spotlight

May 8

Celtic Lady – Guest Post

May 9

Book Marketing Buzz – Interview

May 10

Splashes of Joy – Guest Post

May 11

Writing Daze – Guest Post


Third Week

May 14

Kitty Crochett WV- guest post

May 15

The Musings of a Book Junkie – guest post

May 16

Literarily Speaking – Interview

May 17

Bound to Be Bookish


Fourth Week

May 21

The Self Taught Cook – Guest Post


Books, Books and More Books – Book Review

May 22

Wordstrumpet – Guest Post

Historical Tapestry – Guest Post

May 23

Onyx Book Chateau – Book Review

May 24

My Devotional Thoughts – Book Review

May 25

A Bookish Libraria – Book Review




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Tidbits from the Internet

Here are a couple of sites that I’ve found useful recently:


  1. For those of you who don’t know, Jane Friedman is an expert in the area of digital publishing and marketing. Her advice is always sound, and worth thinking about even if you don’t agree with her. I thought you would enjoy reading her interview on increasing the chances of your book becoming a breakout hit.
  2. J. A. Konrath is a successful self-publisher who is making real money on Amazon. I thought you might enjoy his post from January on how he does it.

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Monday Tips: More on marketing books

This month, I feel that I am last getting some traction. I’ve done more giveaways on Goodreads, and I’m very pleased with the result. To date, 2,658 people have participated in my giveaways, and 369 people have listed my books on their “to-read” shelves.

I’ve also been busy in the blogosphere. I’ve done two guest interviews with Morgen Bailey and with Stephanie Moore. Stephanie not only came to me to ask for an interview, but she’s hosting a giveaway of THWARTED QUEEN, which ends April 11. If interested, please go to:

Have a great week!

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Monday Tips: How to Market Your Book

Last month, I told you  that I decided to confine myself to running Facebook ads and doing more videos to publicize my campaign.

This month, I’ve reversed myself. Why? Because the numbers aren’t working for me. As of today, only 22 people have seen my video on YouTube. And the numbers for my last Facebook Ad campaign weren’t that great: For an ad that targeted over 20 million users, I only got 79 clicks. When I looked at the traffic on my website, I saw that it had dropped off when I stopped the Google Adwords campaign. So I re-started my campaign. In the last 14 days, I’ve received 17 clicks. Obviously, I’m going to have to carve out some time to make my ad campaign more successful!

Then I read a couple of articles about Goodreads, and how helpful that had been for getting a book known. At the beginning of March, I started Goodreads Giveaways, and hands down that has been the best investment of time I’ve spent. For about $6 (the price that it costs me to mail the book across the US or Canada), I’ve gotten about 520 people interested in participating in each giveaway (I’ve run three so far), and of those people, on average 70 people have put the book into their to-read list! Stay tuned for updates.

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Tidbits from the Internet: Fleshing out your characters, and how to sell books online

Here are a couple of things that might interest you:

I just came upon this recently.

G. Hugh Bodell launched a website dedicated to bringing his characters alive. The basic idea is that you put your character into a difficult situation, then ask your readers to help you solve that problem.

But I thought it would be a very interesting writing exercise to try the following. How about taking your character out of context and seeing what they do? This works very well for historical fiction, because all you have to do is change time period.

So what would your Roman centurion do in another time period?

The reason why I think this is a valuable exercise is because it will help you to get to know your character better. Why not try it and let me know what you think?

To read G. Hugh Bodell’s blog, go to:

For those of you who want to know more about marketing your novel and don’t mind paying $21 for it, here is the link to Joanna Penn’s “21 ways to sell more books online.”

Have a great week!


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Monday Tips: Strategic Marketing

“Strategic marketing” is a phrase I’ve come upon lately. Basically, it means giving yourself a plan or roadmap of how to go about marketing.

I am always making plans. It comes to me naturally. But I still don’t think I’m a good marketer. For example, I only found out through glancing at my credit card statement that I’d had a campaign running on Google Adwords during the whole of January that cost me $94. Oops. Totally forgot about that one. And I wasn’t happy that Google Adwords hadn’t actually given me any alerts or reminders about it. So I cancelled that campaign.

I’ve decided to restrict myself to running a Facebook ad campaign once a month, and doing more videos to publicize my work.

I experimented with Twitter recently, by actually diving into one person’s conversation and chiming in as opposed to just finding people to follow. The result? I was offered an interview on that person’s website!

Stay tuned for more marketing tips and have a great week!

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Why not give yourself a special treat this Valentine’s Day?

(Time for some shameless self-promotion:)

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Why not give yourself a special treat and immerse yourself in an era where high fashion meant pointed headdresses with fluttering silk veils, where gentlemen greeted ladies with a courtly flourish, and where everything was handmade and homemade?

It is the summer of 1441. Cecylee is twenty-six years old and has been married to Richard, Duke of York for four years. Richard has just assumed the role of Governor of Normandy, and he, Cecylee, and their entire household have crossed the channel to take up residence in Rouen, the capital of English France.

During that summer, Richard sets off for Pontoise to teach the French a lesson. Cecylee is left to hold court in the castle of Rouen with the wives of Richard’s generals. Nicknamed The Rose of Raby on account of her beauty, Cecylee’s life laps placidly onward during those sleepy days of high summer, when suddenly, a mysterious young man appears. She soon loses her heart to this charming stranger.

Cecylee’s private name for him is M. Beaujambs, because of his long, and very shapely legs, but history knows him as Blaybourne. Who is he? Is he an aristocrat of the House of Savoy? Or the son of a humble blacksmith? And if the latter, where did he get his exquisite manners? And his university education? And what is he doing in Rouen? By turns baffled and enchanted, Cecylee finds herself confronted by an intriguing challenge.

What happens when Cecylee’s husband discovers she’s had a love-affair with an archer? Does he lock her up? Or worse?

Give yourself a treat and find out by clicking here.

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