About Two Murders Reaped

Two Murders Reaped is volume 4 of the THWARTED QUEEN series. This tale of what happened to Cecylee after her husband’s death will appeal to those who enjoy historical biography, and provides a complement to Anne Easter Smith’s novel about Cecylee Neville.

After the murder of her husband, the House of York regroups under her bastard son Edward, who wins two decisive battles, and becomes King Edward IV. Cecylee is in her element. As the young king’s mother, her views and opinions carry weight.

But Cecylee’s contentment does not last long. Edward makes a disastrous marriage, and his new wife displaces Cecylee as Queen of England.

Titling herself Queen by Right, Cecylee refuses to move out of the Queen’s apartments.

Worse follows. Cecylee loathes her coldly beautiful daughter-in-law, and nicknames her The Serpent. One day, she spills a secret that should have remained locked in her heart.

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