Thwarted Queen

This is a page I’ve set aside specifically for readers who want to know more about Thwarted Queen.

For the Readers Guide, please click on Cecylee’s Signature. 

To find out more about each book, please click on its image. To find out more about the characters in Thwarted Queen, please click on the images of the character masks at the bottom of this page. To view family trees, click on the image of the medieval people taken from the Duc de Berry’s Book of Hours circa 1410.














It is a pleasure to announce the publication of the four books of the Thwarted Queen series: Rose of Raby, One Seed Sown, Thwarted Queen and Two Murders Reaped.

I have been working on this novel for seven years. The character of Cecylee fascinated me, because she was a public figure who somehow managed to persuade her husband to keep her illegitimate child. The Duke of York could have locked her up, or disposed or the child. Instead, he kept Cecylee by his side. What on earth did she say to her husband when he found out she’d had an affair? That is the question that started me writing this novel.

 Like most historical novels, this one is packed with characters. If you want to learn more about the characters that populate Thwarted Queen, click on the picture of the character masks.

                                                To find out more about Cecylee’s world, click on the image of the medieval people taken from the Duc de Berry’s Book of Hours circa 1410. Images: Cover of ROSE shows Castle Raby in the background, with Heather Hayes modeling as Cecylee in the foreground. Cover of THWARTED modeled by Heather Hayes. Cover of BRIDE shows the Collegiate Church at Fotheringhay, with Cecylee’s signature from her will of 1495 superimposed.  Cover of SEED shows the Chateau of Azay le Rideau. Cover of CAGE was shot looking out from the Chateau of Blois as a thunderstorm was rolling in. Cover of MURDERS shows the Royal apartments of the Counts of Anjou, Chateau of Angers.

The photos of Heather Hayes were taken by Whitney Arostegui. The others were taken by the author.

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