Wednesday Reviews: CREWEL (CREWEL WORLD)

CrewelSixteen-year-old Adelice Lewys has tried so hard to FAIL her obligatory weaving exam. Unfortunately, on the day of testing, she slips for just one moment, showing off her great skill.

That night, they come for her.

The rest of the story is about Adelice’s growing realization of her power, and of how the strange world she finds herself in works, as she graduates from Eligible to Spinster (one who has the skill to mend the weave-world that is Arras), to Creweler (one who can actually make new matter.) Every time Adelice’s fingers touch those threads, Ms. Albin’s writing becomes extraordinarily compelling.

Things come to a head when she learns she’s going to be reprogrammed to make her more suitable to become the wife of the powerful (and much older) Cormac. Five stars for a stunningly imaginative new world, three stars for a predictable love-triangle, making four stars. 

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