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Monday Time Management Tips: Hobbies

KnittingIt may seem strange that I am using this space this week to talk about hobbies. After all, when you are pressed for time, surely the last thing you should be doing is taking up a new hobby.

But I think hobbies are essential to be a creative and productive member of your work community. I base this opinion on my knowledge, as an ex-cognitive scientist, about how the brain works.

I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say that they get their best ideas in the shower. Why is that? My contention is it’s because the mind is relaxed when you’re in the shower. It only has to do a minimal amount of care-taking to make sure that you keep the soap in your hand, that you stand and turn in the right way to get the water where you want it to fall, and that you remember to turn off the shower, when you’ve turned it on. But while you’re taking a shower, you’re not demanding your mind to work very hard. Thus, ideas pop up from your subconscious.GolfSwing

This is why hobbies are important. Taking a lunch break to do a little knitting, or to practice your golf swing, or to make a shopping list for that new brownie recipe that you’ve heard is delicious allows your mind to rest. And when it rests, ideas appear. And the best part is that these ideas are related to that work you’ve been poring over all morning.

So, if you don’t currently have a hobby, I suggest that you find one. Nowadays, you can find a lot of fun things to do by signing up for Meetup and finding groups in your area that do all sorts of things. You’ll find a set of new friends, as well as a great way of relaxing when things become fraught. Here is the link: www.meetup.com

Have a fabulous week!


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