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Monday Time Management Tips: How to avoid going insane when the computer packs up

RainbowWheelOfDoomAll of us have had that experience of being deeply immersed with something on the Web, when suddenly, the computer slows to a crawl.

It is very frustrating.

What to do? I use the time to get up and stretch. If it persists, I move around my office and do some chore that I’ve put off. If it’s been ten minutes, and still nothing is happening, the screen has frozen, or you have the Rainbow Wheel of Doom or the Blue Screen of Death, then it’s time to either do a hard boot or call the IT department.

What you should avoid doing is

(a)pressing a key repeatedly hoping to get some response,

(b) pressing lots of different keys, or giving the computer lots of different commands, or trying to open different windows or browsers simultaneously, as that just slows the system down,

(c) taking your frustration out on your computer.

Instead, force yourself to get up from your chair and walk away. Take a coffee break. Go for a walk, or go talk to a colleague. Most times, when you return, that rainbow wheel will have stopped turning, and the computer will be ready to work again.

Have a fabulous week!


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