Monday Time Management Tips: Use Evernote

ScreenClutterHave you ever found yourself in the situation where you look at the screen of your computer and it’s just covered in files of stuff that you copied from the internet?

I found myself in that situation recently and that’s how I discovered Evernote.

It is a  clipping service, a convenient way of storing all those things-you-mean-to-read-but-don’t-have-time-right-now. Just clip what you want, and store in a folder. It’s FREE, and you can download your copy here.

If you find that the current version of Evernote is crashing, I recommend that you create folders of things you typically collect off the internet, such as Recipes, or New York Times or Receipts (for all that shopping you do:) and then copy and paste into software like TextEdit, or WordNotes, (NOT Word, Word Perfect or Pages or the formatting will drive you crazy). I’ve been having problems with Evernote myself recently, so I’m waiting for the update, when I’m assuming that those bugs will be fixed.

Have a fabulous week!


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