Monday Time Management Tips: Get Organized!

OfficeClutterDo you have that overwhelmed feeling, because you have too much information coming at you and you can’t find anything? Set aside a day, and organize your files. These days this means physical files for all those bits of paper, files on your computer’s hard drive and also files for your browser’s bookmarks. Here is a list of my files:

Agents & Editors


Ebook Services

Finding Audience

Google Alerts


Info on Publishing

Indie Presses

POD Services

Reviews & Blog Tour

Sites for Interacting

To Dos-Later

To Dos-Now

I recommend that you replicate these files across your bookmarks, computer files, and actual physical files. If you don’t like actual physical files (and I don’t) get a 3-ring binder, and a 3-hole punch, and organize your files that way, with tabbed cards to show where everything is.

Have a fabulous week!


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