Help me celebrate Lady Cecylee’s Birthday!

One day, two great ladies.

CecilyResizedThreeOn May 3, 1415, Lady Cecylee Neville was born at Raby Castle to Ralph, First Earl of Westmorland and his second wife, Lady Joan de Beaufort.


On May 3, 1446, on her 31st birthday, Lady Cecylee, now Duchess of York, gave birth to Lady Margaret Plantagenet, later the Duchess of Burgundy. Mother and daughter were close and I always like to imagine them enjoying their shared birthday together.

If you would like to help celebrate Lady Cecylee’s 598th birthday, or Lady Margaret’s 567th birthdayMargaret, Duchess of Burgundy, please stop by Lady C’s Chateau on Facebook, and hit the “Like” button!

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