Friday’s Internet Goodies: From Australia comes Book’d Out

InternetGoodiesShelley Rae is a voracious reader. In 2010, she read 233 books in 239 days! So she loves books. Here is what she says about herself:

I love my local library – it’s small but the books are free and the librarians are great at sourcing books for me from the bigger city library’s. In all the places I have lived the librarians quickly learnt my name because I visited so often but I’ve not always been able to find what I want. I’ve never had the budget to feed my book habit – book prices in Australia are extortionate – and in the country town I now live in there are no second hand booksellers within a 2 hour drive. I have my iPod  (a generous birthday gift from my grandfather) and I can find ebooks at a reasonable price (and hubby doesn’t always need to know). Its loaded with Stanza, and every other book app I can find – Kindle App, Borders, Kobo, iBook etc. I have the BookCollectorz app for keeping my collection organised, and the Goodreads App to update my bookshelf and check in with my groups. It’s the best gift I have ever gotten and now instead of a paperback, I am most likely wandering around with my iPod in hand engrossed in my latest read.

For a book addict Goodreads is fabulous, finally I have found people who share my obsession and totally understand just why I stayed up til 4am finishing a book even knowing I had to be up in 2 hours to get the kids off to school. I use Goodreads to track my reading wish list, share my opinions, take challenges, read reviews and find new books to read. I’ve won a couple of books through their Book Giveaway program and even had a chance to chat with some of my favourite authors. If you love books you will love Goodreads. You can see my Goodreads profile -send me a friend request.

BookdOutShelley Rae prefers to read:

General Fiction, Womens Fiction /Chick Lit, Cosy Mystery, Psychological Thriller/Suspense, Murder & Mystery,  Crime, Police procedural, Humor, Supernatural /Urban Fantasy

She may also consider Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction , Horror, Non Fiction and Young Adult (suitable for 16+ years), but accept very few.

She specifically welcomes Australian author submissions.

* I  will NOT consider books in the following genres or with the following dominant  themes: Christian, Religion, Historical, Political, Celebrity, Fashion, Poetry, Sports, Erotica and Travel. If your book falls into a category that I am not interested in then please do not submit it.

Lastly, Shelley Rae shares a list of resources  to search for book blog reviewers.

Indie Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

The Indie Book Review

Indie Book Reviewer

Book Blogger Directory

Australian Book Blogger Directory

To find her site, point your browser to:

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