REAL WORLD SAFETY FOR WOMEN by Christine Schlattner & Michael Linehan

Real_World_SafetyREAL WORLD SAFETY FOR WOMEN by Christine Schlattner and Michael Linehan is one of those books that every woman should own, and should lend to their daughters. It is a well organized, well thought out book, that starts with psychological issues and gradually prepares women to consider fighting back to safeguard themselves and their property.

The heart of the book is Section 2, titled “The Seven Keys to Personal Safety,” which covers personal well being, setting boundaries, fighting back and how to nurture your belief in yourself.

Here is what the authors have to say about their approach:

Personal safety is about how you feel inside, and about having the self-respect and personal strength to stand up to those who cross your emotional or physical boundaries. Real safety is about igniting the fire inside you – the combination of your love for yourself, your survival instinct, your personal power, and your desire to live and to grow.

Highly recommended for women of all ages. Five stars. A bookclub recommendation.

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