Friday’s Internet Goodies: From England comes Novelicious

InternetGoodiesNovelicious is a book review blog that is run by a group of people.

Kirsty Greenwood is the founding editor. Here is how she describes herself:

Kirsty is a  27 28 29 30 year old story lover currently living in Saddleworth. She likes American telly shows, roast potatoes, flittery book covers, green clothes and smiley people. She doesn’t like the Ironside theme tune or the word ‘drinkie-poos’.

Kirsty is represented by Hannah Ferguson of The Marsh Agency and her debut romantic comedy is out now!

Kirsty tweets at @KirstyBooks

Debs Carr is the deputy editor. Here is what she says about herself:

Debs Carr lives in Jersey where she spends her free time writing novels in a shed with a grumpy Miniature Schnauzer for company.

Her idea of exercise is walking the dog on the nearby beach with her gorgeous husband, and her book, Broken Faces, was a runner-up in Good Housekeeping 2012 Novel Competition and given a ‘special commendation’ by the Harry Bowling Prize 2012.

Debs tweets at @DebsCarr

Amanda Keats is a contributor:

Amanda is a 29 year old book and film buff from North London. Delighted that she’s developed a bit of a reputation as being hard to please when it comes to books, Amanda is not afraid to speak her mind. As Novelicious’s roving reporter, she has had the absolute pleasure of interviewing some of her favourite authors including Jodi Picoult, Rosamund Lupton, Jane Green and Nicholas Sparks. Her favourite book from recent years is still Sister by Rosamund Lupton but she loves a mixture from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’.When not reading or watching a film (or talking about it non-stop) she enjoys writing, nights out with her gals and nights in with popcorn and a film (or, if it’s on – Doctor Who, Downton Abbey or Grey’s Anatomy).

Amanda tweets at @filmvsbook 
Kira Slaughter is a reviewer:
Kira is a 24 year old bookworm from Solihull in Birmingham. She’s a budding writer and has experienced more than a few moments of waking up in the night to write down ideas! As well as writing, Kira dreams of getting a job in publishing.

Kira tweets at @fatmonica27

Then there is Anna Bell, who is an aspiring author:

Anna Bell is an aspiring author who can still claim to be in her twenties (just). She daydreams far too much about being a full time writer and living in a tropical paradise with her hubby to be. Until those dreams come true she is a museum curator and lives on the South Coast.

She loves chick lit and when not writing she can usually be found with her head in a book. Her favourite authors include Sophie Kinsella, Freya North, and if she has a good supply of tissues handy, Elizabeth Noble. She also loves a good boogie to cheesy music with her friends, backpacking and strolling beside the sea.

Anna tweets at @annabell_writes

NoveliciousNovelicious’ review policy is as follows:

We want to review books that fall under the chick lit and contemporary female fiction umbrella. These must be published or about to be published. While we occasionally cover self published books of our choosing, we do not REVIEW ebooks, self published books and non-fiction at this time.

We prefer to receive coverage requests via our email rather than on twitter or facebook.

To enquire about reviews/interviews, competitions and guest posts please

To find this site, point your browser to:


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