Monday Craft Tips #11: What would we do without synonym finders?

I would put money on this: I bet that the most useful resource for a writer, hands down, is the synonym finder. You can find many of these online. Here is the link to one that I use frequently:

As writers, we all have those moments when we’re polishing test and are often stumped over word choice. I can think of words that mean sort-of-the-same thing, but aren’t completely right.

Where would I be without the internet? I travel a lot, so don’t have the option of lugging heavy dictionaries around. I usually just type in the word I have followed my synonym, and bingo, I get that thesaurus. If that doesn’t work, I can find another one. Google has made my life as a writer so much easier! Do you have a favorite book or tool that you use while writing? Feel free to drop a comment in the comment box, and have a great week!

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