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Friday’s Internet Goodies: BookedInChico

InternetGoodiesErica Spangler is an English MA Graduate, an SEO Marketing Analyst, a Book Lover, and a Coffee Connoisseur. So her rating system on her book review blog BookedInChico is in terms of shots of espresso. Here it is:


I am obsessed with coffee! What goes better with books than coffee? Nothing. So here’s my coffee scale rated in shots of espresso.

5 shots – The Coffee Shakes: Everyone should read this!
BookedInChico4 shots – The Red Eye: Compelling but needs one more shot of something…
3 shots – Coffee Buzz: Enjoyed overall; very specific to its Genre
2 shots – Two Cups of Tea: Disappointed me and my original expectations
1 shot – It Must be Monday…: Not enough coffee to get me through
To find this site, point your browser towards http://bookedinchico.blogspot.com/


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