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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Ashley’s Bookshelf

InternetGoodiesAshley Wintters is not a professional book reviewer, as she is the first to admit on her Home Page:

This is my little place in cyberspace, I love to read and write, so here I write about what I read. I’m not a professional, just blog about what I am reading at the moment!

However, she provides a valuable service to the writing community by sharing her thoughts about the books she’s read, and also hosting author interviews on her site. To be considered for an interview, you just have to click on “Author Interviews” in the sidebar, answer her questions, and email them in.

AshleysBookshelfAshley is interested in reading many different kinds of genres. This is what she says:

Mainly I read Christian Fiction, but I do enjoy pretty much any type of book except horror and erotica.

Her interests include: children’s books, fantasy, historical romance, mystery, paranormal, suspense, thriller, urban fantasy, western and young adult.

To find her site, point your browser to: http://ashleysbookshelf.blogspot.com/

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