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Who is more handsome? Take Lady Cecylee’s poll…

Copper-alloy_boar_mount_from_the_Thames_foreshore_(London)Lady Cecylee insisted on posting today… (I wonder why?)

My dear readers and loyal friends,

It has recently come to my notice that my long-lost son Richard has been found. Now that you can all see what my darling boy actually looked like, I thought to play another Wars of the Roses game. This is not Leicester vs. York, but rather, King Richard III vs. that craven upstart, one Harry Tudor, self-styled King Henry VII. Ladies, whom do you think is more handsome?

The face of English King Richard III Younghenry7


Please note that I made every effort to be impartial by choosing a portrait of Tudor as a YOUNG man. Please take part and my scribe will post the results!


[polldaddy poll=6880674]

Image is of a copper boar, which was carried by a supporter of my youngest son Richard, whose badge was the blue boar, or the blanc sanglier.

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