Friday’s Internet Goodies: Big Als Books and Pals

InternetGoodiesThis Friday, I’m going to start a series called Internet Goodies, which is about various websites that I feel are useful to readers, writers and indie publishers alike.

I chose to start with Big Al’s Books and Pals, because the site is dedicated to helping Indie authors find their audiences, and I think that Big Al and his Pals go about this process in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

BigAl’s Books and Pals concentrates on reviewing books from independent (“indie”) authors available for ereaders, primarily Amazon’s Kindle, but also the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  Several people contribute to this effort. The leader, is (of course) BigAl. This is how he describes himself:

An avid reader for more decades than he wants to admit, BigAl previously reviewed music for a variety of websites and magazines. After having several readers and authors tell him, “You ought to start a book blog,” he said, “what the hell.” BigAl also runs another website, The Indie View, which has resources for authors and readers, including an index of indie book reviews from around the web, a database of indie friendly reviewers, and frequent interviews with authors and reviewers. He is also a regular contributor to Indies Unlimited, and although he denies that he’s an author or writer, somehow got listed as a contributing author to Indies Unlimited: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World. (You can purchase this fromAmazon USAmazon UKBarnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

BigAls&PalsBig Als Pals consist of various people that he knows from across the globe. Some sound like editors. Some are Indie Author. And one of them is related to BigAl.
Indie authors are encouraged to send their books in for submission. However, there are two things you should bear in mind:
1. Submission is no guarantee of a review. The reality is that the majority of books submitted won’t be reviewed.
2. The purpose of the review is to tell READERS whether they should buy the book. It is NOT to help authors.
For submission guidelines, click here.
About negative reviews, click here.


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