Preview of forthcoming novel AN UNSUITABLE SUITOR

Just wanted you all to know the exciting news that I’ve finally finished this novel! (Here is a mockup of the cover. What do you think of it?) By ‘finished’ I mean that I have sent off the MSS to my fabulous editor, and we are now working on the final edits before it is publishable.

The novel is about identity, forbidden love and family secrets.

Set in 1920s Washington DC and Berlin, Germany, we are drawn into the world of a violinist honing her craft with the most celebrated violin pedagogue of the day, amid the seediness and glamor of 1920s Berlin.

While I was at the 2012 Historical Novel Society Conference in London, I managed to get TWO agents interested!

Stay tuned & have a fabulous weekend.

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2 Responses to Preview of forthcoming novel AN UNSUITABLE SUITOR

  1. First time to visit your blog so I am not sure of the etiquette of making a comment so soon. However, if you are trying to evoke 1920s as well as Berlin, this particular photo makes me think more 50s and North America. Just a thought.

  2. Cynthia Haggard


    Thanks for your comment. It is supposed to look like Grace’s home in Georgetown, near Washington DC, so I’m fine with it looking like something from North America. What makes you think of the 50s in particular? As opposed to the 20s, 30s or 40s??

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