THE SCARAB by Catherine Fisher

THE SCARAB by Catherine Fisher is the last novel of the Oracle Sequence. And what a disappointment it was. In the first novel, THE ORACLE, Catherine Fisher’s prose is as polished as that gleaming bowl that Mirany carries in her role as Bearer. In this third (and last novel) Catherine Fisher’s prose was as rough as a crumbling hillside. And her story structure was so repetitive, I found myself skimming.


I’m assuming this was largely the fault of the publisher, Hodder Children’s Books, for not providing the editorial services that were clearly needed, as well as doing a rushed job in order to capitalize on the cliffhanger ending of THE ARCHON, the second book of the series.


Perhaps the worst part about this book was―yes, you guessed it, the cliffhanger ending. Having suffered through two of those for the two previous books in the series, I thought that the least Ms. Fisher could do was to provide a resonant ending that tied up all the threads. But she doesn’t do that. The novel doesn’t ever end, it just drips away. Three stars.

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