THE ARCHON by Catherine Fisher

THE ARCHON by Catherine Fisher (aka THE SPHERE OF SECRETS) begins where THE ORACLE (aka THE ORACLE BETRAYED) leaves off. Everything has gone wrong. Yes, Alexos is Archon, but Hermia remains as speaker, while her lover Argelin is general. Hermia and Argelin are a ruthless pair, who still wish Mirany were dead.


However, Hermia and Argelin’s relationship changes, to the point where Hermia informs him towards the end of the novel “This alliance is dissolved.”


This plotline is set against the backdrop of the main plotline, of the Archon making a pilgrimage to the Well of Songs to save his people from a terrible drought. But perhaps he shouldn’t have gone, because things start to fall apart back in the city where Argelin holds power.


I didn’t think this was as good as the first book of the series, THE ORACLE, mainly because the writing was uneven. It didn’t help that Hodder Children’s Books, the publisher of this novel, didn’t do a good job of translating the manuscript into Mobi files to be read on the Kindle. Too many times, the spaces that indicate a scene change were not there, and occasionally lines ran together. And I really dislike those cliff-hanger endings. I find them cheap and contrived, almost as if they are shouting for you to buy the next volume. Four stars.

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