CYBELE’S SECRET by Juliet Marillier

The sequel to WILDWOOD DANCING, this novel is in a very different key. While WILDWOOD concerned the retelling of a couple of fairy tales, CYBELE’S SECRET was more like a complex puzzle that the protagonist, Paula had to solve. Although there were supernatural elements present in both novels, in CYBELE’S SECRET, that aspect seemed to be much more contained, while the focus was on a murder mystery/detective type of story, this time set in Turkey. (One great thing about being a novelist is the excuse to visit many exotic and lovely places).

I enjoyed getting to know Paula, one of the younger sisters in WILDWOOD DANCING, and I enjoyed her adventures in Istanboul. I did think that the end was not as well resolved as it could have been. The shocking discovery concerning the scholarly Irene was not set up well, and hit the reader like a two by four out of the blue. And I wasn’t convinced that Paula’s choice of life partner was going to bring her much satisfaction. But aside from these qualms, this novel is a charming and engrossing read for both adolescents and adults alike. Four stars.

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