As a tribute to the Fourth of July Holiday, I thought I’d review this book. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Who couldn’t like a high-spirited and prankster-filled account of what it was like to live on the edge of a huge forest, and “tweak the Sheriff of Nottingham’s nose” whenever one felt like it? And perhaps Sam Sackett’s THE ROBIN HOOD CHRONICLES should be read in exactly this way.

Mr. Sackett has done a yeoman’s job of poring over ancient documents to bring the rather shadowy figure of Robin Hood to light. But as a storyteller, I found him a little uneven. And I think the problem was with his treatment of women, or more specifically one woman, because this novel isn’t exactly peopled with women. The woman I’m referring to is Mathilda, Robin Hood’s wife. It may surprise many to learn that an outlaw like Robin Hood actually had a wife, and long-suffering she must have been because the life he led on the margins of society certainly had its share of dangers. But what I object to is that she is so un-complex. Of course, she is always delighted to see her husband. But I got a little tired of the fact that there was almost no conversation before he was leading her to bed. I’m not saying that’s implausible. It’s just that I would have liked to have known more about the woman who would take on such a man as Robin Hood. Three stars.

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