Monday Tips: Strategic Marketing

“Strategic marketing” is a phrase I’ve come upon lately. Basically, it means giving yourself a plan or roadmap of how to go about marketing.

I am always making plans. It comes to me naturally. But I still don’t think I’m a good marketer. For example, I only found out through glancing at my credit card statement that I’d had a campaign running on Google Adwords during the whole of January that cost me $94. Oops. Totally forgot about that one. And I wasn’t happy that Google Adwords hadn’t actually given me any alerts or reminders about it. So I cancelled that campaign.

I’ve decided to restrict myself to running a Facebook ad campaign once a month, and doing more videos to publicize my work.

I experimented with Twitter recently, by actually diving into one person’s conversation and chiming in as opposed to just finding people to follow. The result? I was offered an interview on that person’s website!

Stay tuned for more marketing tips and have a great week!

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