AGENT ZIGZAG by Ben Mackintyre

Ben Macintyre’s AGENT ZIGZAG is a gripping account of a double-agent during World War Two, who must have been incredibly charming, because not only did he acquire three girlfriends waiting patiently for him in London, Oslo and the countryside of England, but he also managed to convince the German secret service that he was loyal to Hitler. Never once did he falter when closely questioned by various German officers. His courage and coolness are stunning when one considers what would have happened to him if his cover had been blown. And when one considers that at the time he was acting as a double-agent he was only in his late twenties.

I won’t spoil the story by telling you what happens to Agent Zigzag (the brilliant name that MI5 gave him) aka Fritz or Fritzchen (the name that the Abwehr gave him) aka Eddie Chapman (his real name). But if you are suffering from insomnia and have nothing else to do, read this book. It won’t cure the insomnia, because it’s too exciting for that. But it will while away the hours. Five stars.

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