Monday Tips: How to Avoid Burnout

Those of you who do yoga, or play the piano, or do a sport know that you have to be patient. Some days are better than others. And it is vitally important to know when to back off, otherwise you could injure yourself.

So it is with book publishing. You have to force yourself to do less than you want to because otherwise you are going to burn out.

Every day, I force myself to carve out two hours in the morning so that I can devote them to my writing. I could easily spend that time marketing my novel. I could easily spend time marketing my novel 24/7.

But I have a husband to think of. And friends. And various other commitments in my life. It is frustrating to come home at 6pm, feeling that you haven’t done much with your day. Naturally, evenings are when I get most of my work done. For example, here I am on a Sunday evening typing this sentence. At two minutes to nine.

But I’m going to quit soon. Not later than 10 pm. So that I can get a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to do the same for yourself.

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