A JOURNEY OF ONE’S OWN by Thalia Zepatos

The subtitle of this book is UNCOMMON ADVICE FOR THE INDEPENDENT WOMAN TRAVELER. And this book is exactly that. I don’t know how author Thalia Zepatos does it, but she manages to tuck every conceivable thing you could possibly wish to know, if you are a woman planning to travel alone, into 250 pages. It covers the pros and cons of traveling alone versus traveling with a companion or taking a tour. It talks about creating your own journey, how to find and meet friends in different cultures and what to expect from those cultures. It talks about sexual harassment and how to deal with it. It covers packing and how to make the transition back home.

For the first time in my life, I am leaving the safety net of traveling with my husband, and am setting off by myself into a part of the world known for its machismo and consequent harassment of women travelers. I am so glad I found this book! Five stars.

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