Monday Tips: Pay with a Tweet and other cool tools

Today I thought I would pass along a couple of tips on self-publishing:


1. COOL TOOL FOR VIRAL PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS – – Stephanie Chandler, author, speaker and publisher:

Recently I came across a new tool called Pay with a Tweet that allows you to give away a digital product or download in exchange for a tweet or post on Facebook. The whole process is easy to set up, completely automated, and free to use. Consider using this to give away sample chapters from your book, an audio recording, an e-book, special report, white paper or just about any kind of digital product that has value with your audience. You can sign up at


2. Dana Lynn Smith’s blog THE SAVVY MARKETER provides invaluable advice on how to sell your books. Here is a recent piece about publishing ebooks for multiple platforms:



Do you have any tips on self-publishing you’d like to share? Feel free to drop a comment in the box below.


Have a great week!



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