It is that time of year, when people think about taking a vacation. Perhaps they want to do something exotic, like visit the temples of India. Perhaps they are going to try out their language skills in Italy. Or France. Or Latin America. Or perhaps they can’t wait to escape from the stifling summer heat and escape to cooler climes.

For whatever reason, people head out-of-town this time of year. And that is what I’m about to do. Which is why you won’t see so many postings on this blog until September. The Monday thoughts and Friday blog reviews will take a short break until then.

However, I can’t keep away from this blog altogether, so expect to see book reviews every week. They may appear on Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or some other day, but I do plan to post something at least once a week.

Until then, have a wonderful summer, and expect to see lots of activity on this blog come September 1.

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