HISTORICAL BELLES & BEAUS is a blog that has been created by published authors who want to share with you their love of historical fiction, of writing, of reading, of researching and (most of all) their books. There is a long list of authors:

Anne Whitfield

Maggi Andersen

Jen Black

Lindsay Townsend

Margaret Blake

Maggie Dove

Regan Taylor

Deborah Swift

Anita Davison

Stephanie Burkhart

Danielle Thorne

Raine Miller

Brian Porter

Keena Kincaid

Freda Lightfoot

Linda Banche

David Jones

Emery Lee

Peter Alan Orchard

Even though this is not the most objective site in the world (the authors blog about their own novels), still it is always interesting to read what authors have to say about their own work. I think you will find many interesting things on this site, which is why I recommend it.


Dana is a forty-something stay-at-home mom who has just about run out of people to stay home for. (Her four kids range in age from 16 to 24.) She reads books. Lots of them, and post reviews on her blog  LET’S BOOK IT. She tells us that she will devour anything except erotica and sci-fi. Even though this is a hobby for her, Dana has a very well-organized professional website, where she explains her review policy and her ethics. She also hosts giveaways and offers challenges. Dana is one of those people that we writers always hope to meet, because she is honest, conscientious, intelligent (see her list of favorite books) and loves what she is doing.



Last, but not least, I wanted to mention HISTORICAL BLOGS: FICTION & FACT,
created by Nan Hawthorne as a one-stop shop for those of us looking for historical blogs. As a disclaimer, I should mention that I was recently made an editor on this site and that Spun Stories was voted Blog of the Month for June 2011. However, I hope that won’t stop any of you from visiting. It truly is a fabulous resource for the historical junkie.










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