I discovered THE INDIE AUTHOR GUIDE: SELF-PUBLISHING STRATEGIES ANYONE CAN USE by April L. Hamilton, because it was used as the textbook for a course I took at Writer’s Digest University on self-publishing.


Although this book is not as comprehensive as THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE that I reviewed last week, its great strength lies in two qualities.


First, it is organized so that it takes you through the whole process of self-publishing. Chapter One is an introduction to the world of indie authorship. Chapter Two is about getting organized. Chapter Three is about marketing. Chapter Four discusses publishing options, taking the reader through self-publishing, vanity publishing, print on demand and all of the various other options one has to consider nowadays. Chapter Five is about how to format your manuscript. Chapter Six is about editing and revising. Chapter Seven is about designing your own book cover. Chapter Eight is about printing through a POD (print-on-demand) service provider. Chapter Nine is about publishing in E-book formats. Chapter Ten is about author platform. Chapter Eleven is about promotion. Chapter Twelve is about making the transition from Indie to Mainstream.


Second, it forces you to ask yourself questions about your goals, and to devise a strategy that meshes with your goals.


This book is perfect for those of you who are considering indie authorship, but just want to dip your toe into it to get a sense of what is involved, before you plunge into a book that is as detailed as THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE. It is also great for those of you who need some help in formulating goals for self-publishing. This book will give you a good framework for your self-publishing journey, and I recommend it in addition to a more detailed book. Four stars.

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