Best wishes for a happy Fourth of July!

Today, I decided I really couldn’t tell you all about my adventures with editing my manuscript, or about my struggles with Photoshop as I try to learn enough so that I can create a beautiful cover for my e-book. I’ll do all that next week.


Instead, I thought I’d talk about the Fourth of July holiday, and what it means to me. As a British expat, it feels a little strange to be celebrating a holiday that marked the beginning of the divorce between England and the United States. Even though my sympathies are definitely with the American Colonists, whom I feel were badly treated by their British overlords.


It always reminds me of the time when I arrived in this country nearly 30 years ago. I was a quiet young woman, and in this new environment I was afraid to open my mouth, sure that my strong British accent would upset everyone. Imagine my surprise when a young woman, who was serving me at a bakery, told me that she loved my accent.

“Where do you come from?” she asked.

“England,” I mumbled, avoiding eye contact.

“You have the neatest accent,” she replied cheerfully.

I looked at her. “I thought you’d hate it,” I said. “You fought a war against the British.”

“That was some while back,” she replied. “Don’t worry about it.”

So that is what I try to do. Not worry about it.


Have a great holiday, and enjoy yourself with family and friends. And try not to think about those nasty British.




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