Why I need to use WordPress.org again

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with my website recently.

I had a blog on WordPress.com and a website built by Apple Mac’s iWeb hosted by Yahoo.

But wouldn’t it be better to have my blog on my website? Of course.

My first stab at doing this involved downloading the WordPress software onto Yahoo, and trying to create a site there. The problem? You really need considerable programming skills to be able to do this. It’s not that those of us with limited programming skills can’t do this. Just that the learning curve was going to be steep. Unfortunately, I went into this with the expectation that it was going to be quick and easy. I was disappointed.

My second stab at this was to build my website using WordPress.com. All I did was add static pages to my blog, and, as I said in my last blog, created a beautiful website in two days!

My third stab was to cheat and add Google Analytics to iWeb, and pray that it worked, even though I kinda gerrymandered it onto the site hosted by Yahoo. (It did)

So what could possibly be the problem now?

iWeb does NOT support a blog, well not one that functions anything like the way it does on WordPress. And since my blog is an important part of my web presence, I have to have it.

So if I want Google Analytics to work with my WordPress blog, the only way I can do that is to work via WordPress.org, which means downloading the WordPress software onto a host, then struggling with your meager programming skills to get the site up and running. (See Stab One above).

Why can’t I use Google Analytics with WordPress.com? Because it is a plugin, and t turns out that WordPress.com does NOT employ plugins for security reasons.

So back to wrestling with wordpress.org. But this time,

  1. I know it’s going to be hard.
  2. I have my dummies book to help me.
  3. I have my beautiful website up and running on WordPress.com. So all I have to do is mess around with my Yahoo-hosted site.

Stay tuned!

–Cynthia Haggard writes historical novels.  She has two completed manuscripts that will be published in the coming year. THWARTED QUEEN  is a portrait of a woman trapped by power, a marriage undone by betrayal, and a King brought down by fear.FAMILY SPLINTERS is  a novel about identity, forbidden love and family secrets. For more on her creative writing, go to spunstories. (c) 2011. All rights reserved.

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